The E Girl
Closed/Not In Operation:

Lost/confused?! My cosmetology business is in the process of closing. The DBA was simply a nickname bequeathed upon me by a doctor a long time ago who made note that my name has 6 E's in it and dubbed me thus The "E" Girl. The Artemis organic body/skincare has a shelf life and is being disposed of, but the Eye Kandy mineral eye shadows and glitters will likely be donated to a beauty school we partnered with.

As I still get many requests regarding my current cosmetologist status from previous listings online which many I have been working towards removing I want to clarify that the closure is occurring shortly after a medical leave of absence for a broken left foot. I had stress fractured my calcaneus (heel) and first two metatarsals with a dislocated cuboid. I was out of commission for over half a year unable to bear weight as I am sure many who know anatomy/physiology understand these injuries leave one unable to stand or walk. The recovery was complicated by other factors, and during this time there was also the care for and death of a terminally ill family member.

After much physical therapy and other lifestyle changes I am now in career transition set to take a position with a compounding pharmacy that will open soon in Texas as a beauty advisor. Thank you to those who supported my endeavors into entrepreneurship for the lessons it has provided me and best wishes for the years to come.

My spare time is often now spent organic gardening after using finances/savings to xeriscape our land and focus on home improvements.

Manager and Owner of The "E" Girl, LLC

The E Girl